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If there’s ANY way you can do it–keep working, keep moving, stay active & engaged as much as possible.  Yes, it’s tough–you also won’t always be able to do it.  Just do as much as you can & plan ahead as much as possible.  Try to build a nest egg/emergency fund, even if it’s just a little bit.  Live beneath your means whenever possible.  I VERY abruptly had to adopt a new standard of living.  Had I listened to my body, I would’ve seen the train in the tunnel BEFORE I was mowed down.

Autoimmune diseases information site-

If You Need Help Paying For Medications:

*Request samples from your Doctor.

*Ask him/her to prescribe from the $4 list if possible.  WalMart, KMart, Rite Aid & Krogers all have $4 medication lists and some of them have certain antibiotics for free.  It’s worth checking on!!

*This site has a comprehensive listing of generic & brand name medications and any patient assistance program available through the pharmaceutical companies.

*Check the company website that produces your medication.  Many of them have coupon & rebate programs.  Every little bit helps!

*If you have the option, take advantage of your employer’s medical flexible spending account.  The amount is held out of your paycheck pre-tax, so it reduces taxable income.  Another huge benefit is the money is available right away.  For example:  You have $100 monthly contributed to your account.  If you have a big medical bill as soon as you enroll in the benefit, the total $1200 is available to use even though it hasn’t been withheld yet.  It’s a HUGE help.  If your employer does not offer the benefit, talk to your bank.  They may offer them as well.

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