Fly in the Ointment…

Apologies for not updating in so long.  I’m in a good news/bad news situation which I had hoped to avoid.  On the “good news” side, I’ve been able to stay within the $30 a week budget with no effort.  I’ve discovered my biggest expenses are animal upkeep for seven pets and my beauty product fetish.  I’ll save that for a LOT bigger post…

On the “bad news” side of the equation, I’m SICK again.  My current eating plan is made up of mostly clear liquids & Ensure.  I’ve spent the last two months feeling really great, so I added more stuff to my ‘to-do’ list and I felt normal.  I even contemplated a full-time job because I neglected to remember WHY I was feeling better… Now I have over-done it & did not respect my body’s need for rest and recuperation time.  Now, I’m down for the count.  Extreme fatigue, crazy northern & southern digestive symptoms which will only be briefly hinted at, aching, and an exacerbation of some VERY painful shingles that manifest when I’ve pushed too far.  SHIT!

I ALMOST think it’s unfair to reach a point where I feel “normal” but can only maintain it by forcing myself to dumb-down my life.  Thus is the circle of chronic illness.  I told me so…

When I am able to eat again I will resume the budget challenge and tracking my intake.  Right now it’s pretty dismal & I’m losing weight WAY too fast.  $30 more than covers my need for Sprite, Ensure, and foods that slide, especially given my existing stash.

(I will be posting this same update on my other blog.  I know, lazy cop-out)

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