Progress, Promises & Managing My Life

Doesn’t my title sound deep & profound!!  It’s more of a matter-of-fact statement though, really.  Lately I’ve been MIA in the blogging world.  School, work, life & (unfortunately) an unhealthy YouTube obsession have occupied WAY too much of my time.

I’ve been evaluating life.  Not on a deep, spiritual, answer-to-the-universe kind of way, but more of a basic assessment.  Taking stock.  Conclusion?  Overall, stuff is good.  Health-wise I’m holding my own; I’m still stretching like I committed to but I could be more consistent.  I’m eating better as I vowed to, and I’m seeing great benefits.  Now I’ve got to address my financial life–and we all know “Medical Expense” is my middle name!  So…I’m going to work on managing what I can control and lately I haven’t been tracking ANYTHING on the financial front.  Sadly, I’ve just been spending…  I’ve even done a little (ok, a lot) of impulse spending, which is NOT my style.  Luckily, I have a great career & can absorb a little foolishness, but frankly, I’d prefer to pay my mortgage off a few years sooner & have a little stronger sense of security!  Wish I could blame somebody else….

This thought led me to my next challenge-the Get a Handle on My Budget Without Sacrificing Good Nutrition or Health challenge.   My goal is to eat healthily on $30 a week, track all of my spending & plug the holes in my budget.  Being fiscally responsible will allow me the opportunity to be better prepared IF I have another unexpected health crisis (are they EVER expected?) and also help me feel I have a little more control than I do at present.  I’m tracking my progress (on the $30 food project)  on Personal Accountability, which is my “eating plan” blog.  For years I’ve been a believer in Roy Walford’s (R.I.P. Dr W.) science and (except for my medication/depression induced lapses) have followed a real-food, optimal nutrition lifestyle.  It works well so I’m sticking with it.

I’m also going to forgo cosmetic purchases for an undetermined period of time.  My inner cosmetologist raised her head, and in turn, emptied my pockets!  Gotta keep my alter ego in check, that’s for damn sure.  Overall, those are the big things I want to address because I feel like I’m misusing resources (which makes me feel guilty) and I’m really not having that much fun with it.  Soooo…. The moral of this post is:

Address the areas of life that are causing stress or unrest, and get them out of the way, because the only way to do it, is to actually do it.  

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