Buy-In & New Concepts–Paint Me Stymied….

At one of my jobs we are introducing new processes and working (sincerely & diligently)  to improve existing ones.  Really, it’s time and the need exists.  Those staff working within the old processes complained greatly about ineffective aspects of it and I expected a positive response to the updates.  Surprisingly, that has not been the case.  There continues to be a subset of individuals who PREFER to complain about the old way,  rather than adopt the new…  Which has me perplexedly scratching my silly red head.   I’ve never had a situation in my life where I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted then continued to bitch about not having it.  S.I.G.H…….   The whole situation is boiling down to something more complex and surprising; it’s also developing into a serious study in human nature…. Did I say S.I.G.H…….?  We are still early in the change process but I can already tell the need for change does NOT lie where I originally thought.   What does Pooh say?  “Oh bother”…..

Keep in mind we are all educated individuals and we claim to have the same goals professionally.  Apparently the problem isn’t about formal education or the technical aspects of the task  being improved.  It isn’t about having supporting, corroborative evidence either.

Really, it’s about understanding and embracing a broader concept of process improvement and possessing the foresight to see and anticipate needs.  It’s about staff taking ownership of a process/situation and making a best-effort attempt—IT’S ABOUT BUY-IN.  However, it is NOT about continuing to bitch about something after you’ve been given what you want.

Change is hard, but it’s good…..


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  1. curm
    May 05, 2012 @ 15:49:30

    In sales, I have found more people are worried about losing something than risking money for something new and better.


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