RANT: Final Four Madness!

As some of you may know, I’m from Kentucky.  Good old KY.  We have a huge rivalry between University of KY and University of Louisville and they met last night in the final four.  It’s a WILDLY BIG DEAL when it happens and it shakes up the sports world nation wide.

I’m a  U of K fan and that’s who I root for first–YAY!!  They won!!!  Had U of L won, I would’ve been proud a home team moved up in the ranks.  Makes sense, good sportsmanship and good will abound…….

HOWEVER–WHY do the winning fans here in the state (Gosh I hope the fans at the ‘away game’ in New Orleans didn’t act this way!) insist on flipping over cars–sometimes setting them on fire, AND burning couches–pulling stop signs out of the ground??  I’ve done a lot of things for fun that I probably should’ve thought twice about but it never involved flipping and burning anything.  I probably would’ve wondered how the poor guy felt who went to bed leaving his only vehicle parked on the street:  SURPRISE!  He wakes up to find it flipped, maybe torched, with paper, debris and beer bottles all over holy creation.  Sounds like a hoot to me!

Some fans mumble about tradition but that doesn’t make it the appropriate thing to do.  The premise of “I’m going to act like an idiot because those who came before me acted like idiots” doesn’t wash.   Let the stupid traditions die, for goodness sake!  I’m hoping the dumb asses waking up this morning stinking–some of them in jail, many with insane hangovers and that “I-have-a-week-old-dead-hamster-in-my-throat’ taste have to pay fines, make restitution and clean up their mess.  Do better next time!


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