Perception & Presentation

I’m going to start this one with an update:  My cold/sudden onset crud has resulted in complete loss of my voice.  I am EPICALLY MUTE at this point in time.  When I attempt to speak, air flows through my vocal cords and nothing comes out.  It’s odd for my vocal parts to be abnormal; I’ve never completely lost my voice before.  Hmmm….  Yes, I’m getting it checked.

Also, I found out I did not get the job I interviewed for.  Really, I’m confident they made the choice best suited for the position and (after the initial surprise of NOT being selected) I felt a little relieved.  Part of my desire to have the job stemmed from the opportunity to work with/learn from a particular person whom I admire professionally.  Well, as I learned about not getting the job, I also discovered this person will be moving on to another professional opportunity.  Yay! for her and Boo! for us.  It’s crazy how things work out sometimes.   It reaffirms my belief: Be open to the possibilities around us and situations will unfold as they are intended.  Make sure we are not a source of resistance in our own lives.  After saying that, I will move on to the real purpose of my post.  I would like to objectively critique my interview, in retrospect, so I can improve professionally.  How objective can I be about myself??  Guess I’m going to find out!

Here I go:

*I choked on a couple of key questions–which I had rehearsed!  I covered this in a previous post,  so I won’t beat that horse again.  Lesson?  Don’t blow the easy stuff.

*I anticipated the interview questions to take a different approach (not sure why) and felt off-kilter as it progressed.  I believe my life and professional history appeared disjointed, over-busy and disorganized when that is not the case.  Lesson??  Had I properly summarized and directed the process, that would have been more readily apparent.

*We had some technical difficulties, which always happens, and my presentation had to be done in reverse.  I did not take full advantage and did not present my material as well as I would like. Lesson??  Prepare more for the unexpected.

*I think I may have shared more of my personal self than they were interested in.  This blog, my second job which I love,  how I felt about certain topics that came up–Maybe, maybe not.  I think it’s important to know a team member’s heart and get a feel for the core person inside the skin.  Not sure what changes I would make on this one but I think it was a factor.

*I did not have many questions prepared for them regarding the position.  I THOUGHT I did going in, but compared to the volume of questions I received, my list was pretty short and mostly answered during the interview process.

The whole thing has been a great opportunity for growth and I now know some great professionals a little better.  I’ll be staying in my current position, which I’m so fortunate to have, and feel it was designed especially for me.  I am happy with my attempt to reach out and test the waters, however I’m also very happy to stay home!


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  1. phylor
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 01:24:51

    Sorry you didn’t get the position — but since the person you wanted to work with is moving on, then perhaps this is for the best.
    And, since you feel that the job you have was specially designed for you, then you can be comfortable with the knowledge gained, and the sense of a home coming.
    “It reaffirms my belief: Be open to the possibilities around us and situations will unfold as they are intended. Make sure we are not a source of resistance in our own lives.” are very good words to live life by.


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