Taps for Taz

This day marks a milestone in my personal growth.  I’m going to retire Taz, after a lifetime of loyal, comfortable service.

My gray Taz t-shirt (short for Tasmanian devil-cartoon character) came into my life in

Created by Robert McKimson

1993, stuffed into a hand-me-down bag that made its way through the family.  Actually, there were two Taz shirts.  One of which my son wore for a night shirt as a toddler & when he got older I stitched the Taz figure onto the back of a denim jacket for him.  I continued to wear the other Taz t-shirt for years & years (& years).  My Taz t-shirt & mom sweats were my go-to uniform of choice. When I cleaned, painted, ate, slept & otherwise lived my normal life-Taz was there. Over the years Taz lost his luster & started peeling a little around the edges.  It didn’t matter, as I was in the same condition.  He had a little hole here & a stain there, but his attitude still came through.  I grocery shopped, washed the car & napped on the couch with Taz guarding me.  Taz & I spent so much time together that my almost-adult children declared a boycott and refused to go in public if I wore him.  My Sweetie started making fun of me too and he felt the shirt was decidedly UNsexy.  (NO, I didn’t wear Taz on dates!)

Anyway…. I’ve had to begrudgingly admit that Taz has had his day and it’s time for Mom to

Mom's new uniform??

update the wardrobe.  After some solemn thought & much closet purging, Taz has moved on to the box of dust rags & car wash cloths.  I’m thinking of replacing him with a nice  1970’s chic tie-dyed model…Hmmm…..  I can already see my (now adult) kids rolling their eyes!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. phylor
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 00:30:06

    I used to have a Humphrey Bogart t-shirt I wore till his picture finally peeled off (as did the material beneath it).
    I have several white (not as exciting as Taz, Eeyore or tye-dye) shirts with pen marks, food stains, holes, and disconnected in places spots sleeves all on the edge of retirement. But, as long as the sleeve doesn’t fall off, or the holes develop in inappropriate places, they’re keepers.
    Good luck with finding Taz’s replacement. The “tye-dye” looks and sounds like a potential replacement.
    PS: I’m a big fan of Eeyore — I have several Eeyores, just none on a shirt.


  2. deb aka abcsofra
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 21:23:00

    I have a close affinity to Eeyore, Tinkerbell and crash sayings 🙂 I am proud to wear them too! And I added you to my blog list as well.


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