Tips, Tricks & Situations in Retrospect

Recently I interviewed for a job that is very unlike my  current position  It was a long interview; I half-jokingly referred

to it as a roast.  However,  when it was over I felt motivated and inspired–decidedly un-roasted.  Everyone (yes, there were many) went out of their way to help me feel comfortable. I  believe it went well over all and   I’ll know in a week or so if I am selected.

Keep in mind–MANY things went well during the interview, however……  Do you hear a BUT coming???   Of course there’s a BUT coming…. BUT I choked on a couple of areas and I was supremely off-guard.  Get a load of this:  I went blank when asked what my strengths were.  OH YES I DID.  I practiced this one and still went blank.  I had notes and still went blank.  S.I.G.H…..  Here’s my short list:

I multi-task effectively, I do my best work under a deadline, I work independently & require little supervision, I am calm in stressful situations (except job interviews, apparently), I make an effort to be open & approachable to others, I place great value on honesty & teamwork,  I set & maintain healthy boundaries in my professional (and personal) life, I utilize resources appropriately-keeping an eye on cost/benefit, I am loyal &  dependable without being labrador-ish….That’s the short list!  Oh well.  I hope they were able to see what I was unable to say.  The whole thing resulted in an hour-long hot flash, which brings me to my next category of  “stuff” I’d like to share.

Dressing for an interview:

Wear elastic-waist pants to keep from walking around with your fly open.  No, not grandma elastic or sweats.  Church elastic please.

Wear comfortable shoes, NOT something you aren’t accustomed to.

Wear a jacket/sweater to cover up tell-tale sweating (yes, even if you swelter–don’t faint)

Wear waterproof mascara.  If you talk honestly about something you’re passionate about, you may tear up (Oh yes I did-twice)

Try to get into the room FIRST (not last) and spit out your gum BEFORE everyone else enters, so they don’t hear it sound like a golf  ball when it hits the bottom of the can.    I didn’t & it did.

Ah, human nature and my learning curve.   Tom Petty said it best–The Waiting is The Hardest Part!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. phylor
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 12:09:43

    Question — reentering the work-force after many years as a care-giver/care-taker, any tips on how to put together a resume and cover letter? I need to up date mine and having visited many websites am more confused that confident; what did you include that made you stand out and got you got an interview — besides your experience, skills and and talent, in a different field. And good luck of course!


    • Autoimmune Maven
      Mar 27, 2012 @ 18:11:22

      The position I applied for was in-house where I’m already working, so technically I was on the short list to interview. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll get it though; I still haven’t heard. The best resume advice I’ve found was to keep a master resume which has every single professional detail on it, then pull from it to tailor a resume to the job being applied for. Review the organization’s goal and mission statements as well. A lot of it is beating the bushes, networking & luck. Keep pushing ahead–


  2. mo
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 00:01:23

    Good luck!


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