Chronically Pretty

For the past few months I’ve been following a blogger/you tuber named Emily Noel.  She is a morning news anchor and a generally well-rounded young lady.  Both her blog and you tube channel, Beauty Broadcast, are full of  hints, tips and tricks.  PLUS she does some great tutorials and reviews.

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The posts are helpful, fun and generally mindful of the budget.  When she reviews high-end items that may be out of reach for some of her readers/viewers, she often identifies a less expensive dupe, which I greatly appreciate.

I’ve picked up a few tips and I appreciate the time and energy she puts into her posts/videos.  I definitely do not wear a full face of makeup every day but watching her reminds me it’s worth it to take a few minutes in the morning–even on the days I feel unwell.  It really is good for morale– Being chronically ill doesn’t mean we can’t be chronically pretty as well!

Thanks Emily!


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  1. Maureen
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 23:23:31

    Sheila, I used to be a “Makeup girl”. I used to love makeup, nail polish, hair junk…but when you feel like crap….you tend to look like crap! You are so right about being chronically pretty! I am going to check out her youtube videos and maybe put some of her tips a try tommorrow!



    • Autoimmune Maven
      Apr 28, 2011 @ 07:31:53

      Emily is so professional & vibrant; I really enjoy her videos! Of course, I’m sitting here watching them looking like hound dog-hell. I’ve made progress though. I DO NOT go out in my sick sweats anymore and I try to do minimal care before I hit the couch. I do feel better because it. If I can put on some mineral powder and eyeliner, I feel like I’ve accomplished something and I really look a lot better. Even my sweetie noticed… Go figure! Thanks for reading Mo!


  2. hibernationnow
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 22:44:20

    Sheila, I AM Guilty. As Charged. Not only do I NOT wear makeup but I also dress like I feel…. that that’s not good. the only thing I consistently do is put on a little lipstick but that doesn’t scratch the surface. and there are times when I feel bad I feel I deserve to look bad too and then the lips are bare. you are totally right, any hints? I will try and find what what she has to say. Thanks for posting it, I think I needed that reminder. Regards, Laurie


    • Autoimmune Maven
      Apr 28, 2011 @ 07:27:42

      I dress like I feel too and sometimes I feel GROSS! A few months back I went through my small pile of go-to sick clothes and threw away the worst of the worst because I vowed to start doing better. Well, I’m doing a hair better–just a hair!! Thanks for reading; I really appreciate you!


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