Made a couple of trips to assorted doctors and had labs drawn….Overall, the results weren’t bad.  Had a couple of things a hair low and most were low normal; nothing was way out of whack, so that was good news.  My rheumy suspects my neuropathy is due to progression of spinal problems and offered me steroids to decrease inflammation and I graciously declined his offer.  I’ve just lost 12 lbs of steroid weight and I seriously don’t want to find it again!  His next suggestion, and the one that has been most medically beneficial in studies, is to increase stretching and physical activity GENTLY,  to at least four days a week.  In theory it sounds simple and it’s FREE, but once more the answer comes down to me doing something else. … My doctor recommended a combination of basic stretches,  yoga, pilates and some serious walking.  Looks like I’m gonna have to dust of my DVD’s and get this party started!  Will I be compelled toward compliance since I’m feeling the negative effects of my health issues?  Only time will tell….


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  1. Maureen
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 01:51:10

    My biggest problom is I don’t want to exercise. I hate it…I hated it when I was younger too. It has to be the exact perfect temperature, no humidity, and not too sunny. That’s knocks out everday of the summer. I gave up sweets for Lent and I lost 11 pounds…go figure! I made desserts for today’s Easter dinner and I didn’t like any of them, so I didn’t eat them! I need to keep up with that, I wish you well with your exercising and walking. For right now I not eating sweets. I don’t buy them either. I only like Pop Tatrt anyway!


    • Autoimmune Maven
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 08:13:39

      Good job on the sweets Mo! Keep up the good work! I’m considering starting out with just 10-15 minutes of activity a day and increasing by 5 minutes every couple weeks. I know for a fact it helps and I feel better. Yet I still despise it so much………Thanks for reading my drivel!!


  2. phylor
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 22:34:53

    Good luck with your motivational project. Walking is what I do for exercise; I got my first ipod this fall, and it makes mundane walks more interesting. You could always post your exercise goal for the week, and we could bug, or should I say motivate, you until/to you reached the goal. My rheumy suggested tai chi; I have to get the DVD for that (plus make enough space in the small house to actually tai chi!). Some folks find if they do a project like that with someone else, it helps with the motivation. You could buddy up in the real or virtual world — with skype and a web cam, you could really be working out with your buddy!


    • Autoimmune Maven
      Apr 24, 2011 @ 22:47:38

      I did pretty well on our “week of little sugar” pledge so accountability does help, I suppose. On Graceful Agony I tried to do the 15 minute-a-day fitness challenge but didn’t get many takers. It was kind of a bust. Anyway, I’m working on a plan….cuz I gotta do it!! Thanks for reading my ramblings!


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