I Wanna Be a Snow Bird

It’s 18 degrees F. and snowing in KY.  And sleeting.  HATING it!  I’m not ready for winter.  I did NOT get the memo and I formally request a do-over!!  Note that I have had zero success with my demands.

Winter is cold & I don’t like it.  Once upon a time it didn’t fill my mind with angst. However, now that I have health issues & joint problems, it is a real problem.  Cold weather = stiffness & pain.

Overall, I’m managing and will continue to do so.  I won’t enjoy it though & I hate having to find sneaky ways to cover up being ‘less able’ to do normal things.  Oftentimes, when I drop something, I can’t bend or squat to pick it up.  That one’s tough to play off if someone sees me.  I can’t open containers I normally use.  Either I ask for help or use one of my handy openers.  I like handy devices!  Sometimes I can’t turn my door knob or open my car door without great creativity; I also have trouble connecting IV tubing at work & a few other things.  So far I manage well, but cold weather makes it worse-dang it!

Most times, I managed well with heat, stretching & light weights, plus Tylenol (no NSAIDS for me!).  I save the heavy-duty pain medication for “hard times”, after everything else has failed.  At that point, I just go  to bed.

Anyway….Someplace warm and slightly tropical would be GREAT!!   Oh, to day dream…..


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dominique
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 16:43:23

    I’ve noticed a whole bunch of us crashed when the cold weather rolled in. I’m not too keen on the cold weather either. That’s why I moved back to Oklahoma last year.


  2. hibernationnow
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 10:30:50

    I hate the winter too! I always have even before Fibromyalgia. When you find someplace that is lovely, warm and not too expensive? I’M IN!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. phylor
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 09:47:18

    PS: Hope you have some snowbirds to take away the sleet and freezing temps!


  4. phylor
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 09:46:38

    Growing up in Canada, snowbirds meant several things: the title of a very popular song by Ann Murray; birds who moved farther south (from the more northern parts of the country where they breed); a particular kind of bird; and all the folks who spent their winters in Florida!
    Thanks for reminding me of snowbirds. As Anne would sing: “Spread your tiny wings and fly away
    And take the snow back with you
    Where it came from on that day . . .
    So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go
    To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow . . .
    Yeah, if I could I know that I would fl-y-y-y-y away with you”


    • Autoimmune Maven
      Dec 05, 2010 @ 11:49:06

      I love Ann Murray!! That’s one of my favorite songs. In this case, I’m speaking of those who opt to winter in a warm climate though. I’ve always lived in KY & the winters are always cold. Of course, it doesn’t compare to Canada. You guys know exactly what ‘cold’ is!


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