Make Hay While the Sun Shines~

Yo Ya’ll,  guess what??  I still feel GOOD!  Woo Hoo!!  I’m so tickled I could roll around in the floor like a happy dog-but I’ll save that for later.  You don’t want to see that…

A lesson I’ve learned over the years is to utilize feel-good time for things that matter & toward making the future better.  In doing so, sometimes I’m confronted with situations I would prefer to NOT address, yet there it is….So..In light of my recent feel-goodness & my goal of making tomorrow better,  I’ve been making a lot of big decisions & I want to share one of them.

So much of being well (in my mind) is about being in control of my life and doing things for myself.  However, my last bout of less-than-wellness has changed my view in a particular area & it has been a monumental revelation.   Drum roll please…..I’m going to have someone clean my house!!  For me– in that secret place where I keep my not-nice thoughts–household help is for the lazy, rich or self-indulgent.  Of course, I don’t see myself as any of those things so I had to find a way to get over my negative thoughts.

This meant re-thinking control & aligning my priorities a little more.   I am making a clear outline of what I plan to do & what I would like her to do.  She will come three times a month the first month than twice monthly afterward.  That’s enough to help but not make me feel l “lazy”.   On the financial end of it–the person I’ve chosen is a friend & she is doing it at a very reasonable rate.  It’s enough to be a benefit to her & not a burden to me.  I will take my lunch to work & do things to save money in other areas. After all, I work two jobs & I can get help if I want it.  (feel free to jump in–validation is appreciated!)  As for self-indulgent,  I’ve decided that’s a GREAT thing to be & I’ve made it my new hobby!!  Life is short–will I get to Heaven faster if I make myself miserable??  When I asked myself why self-indulgence is bad, I didn’t have an answer.  Am I secretly punishing myself for being sick?  for my perceived failures as a parent?  Hell, which ever it is, I’m OVER it.  If I don’t take care of myself, I cannot care for others.  Updates to come!!


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