Wish I May & Wish I might..

It was THAT kind of day..

For the past month I’ve felt pretty decent and accomplished a bunch of stuff.  I’m grateful for this stretch of good time but they’re so few and far between.  For every good month, there’s usually three not-so-good and I get discouraged…

Last night at work I had to fill in a different spot than usual and it completely whipped my ass.  I felt awful physically-aching and exhausted–and didn’t get off work until later than expected.  I came home and fell in bed about 2 am and had to be up by 8 am.  I went back to work for my N-95 respirator fit-test then to my other job.  By the time I finished I felt like I had the flu-headache, body aches, ‘sore’ skin and hair, stiff joints, barely able to hold my eyes open.  I dragged myself in the door, fell onto the couch and slept for three hours.  I woke up with my shoes on, glasses on and my keys beside me where they fell out of my hand.  Up to take  my meds then back to the couch with the dog.  Wish I knew why this stuff happens; I haven’t been able to find ANY pattern.

Maybe part of it is due to my Methotrexate; if my throat is still sore in the morning I’ll go to the local Care First facility since my medications suppress my immune system.   Maybe it’s something that will pass quickly.  hope, hope hope!  I wish I had answers, or a nice miracle cure…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wendy Burnett
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 01:55:56

    The pengy is cute, and yes, I have LOTS of those days. . .


  2. Wendy Burnett
    Aug 21, 2010 @ 00:26:04

    Man, that sucks, but sounds like just overdoing it and lack of sleep. That’s the way I was the week they scheduled me to work the 8 hour shifts. I’d come in and collapse, so tired and sore I couldn’t even eat, wake up a few hours later and force myself to do the things that had to be taken care of, then fall into bed again til there was no choice but to get up.


    • autoimmunemaven
      Aug 21, 2010 @ 01:42:49

      Fingers crossed that it passes. I hate it when this shit hangs around forever.

      How do I add a Youtube video to my post? I messed with it for a while but didn’t get it right…. So, I added the penguin instead. I seldom use him, but some days I can really feel his message. Ck it out if I hadn’t added him when you read my post.


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