Surprises Aren’t Always Good

Thank goodness my migraine slipped away shortly after lunch time.  Imitrex is definitely my friend.  Working was much nicer without an insane headache, that’s for sure.  Generally tho,  something comes along and causes rain to fall on an otherwise lovely parade….

I spent most of last week filling out my renewal FMLA papers and finally had them ready to turn in. Lo & behold, my manager calls me in her office and tells me I didn’t qualify for FMLA this round because I didn’t have enough hours.  Surprise!!  Really, I was sure I had enough hours but apparently not….Human Resources will give me a print out; I’ll look over it.  Luckily tho, I’m feeling better and haven’t needed to be off in a while.  I also have decent lee-way so my job won’t be in danger if I have a couple of unexpected episodes–hell, they’re all unexpected though.   It’s amazing how insecure I feel without the safety net of government assurance.   I keep reminding myself I have a good job & they are comfortable working with me when I need it.  I also only have to work two days a week.   I’ll be fine so I just need to stop hyperventilating………


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  1. lilabyrd
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 07:52:21

    Well I finally made it over to your blog! I started reading it sort of backwards…lol…and had to stop and take a break….then thought stop lurking and post something already! I can get off track with very little effort….staying on track…nearly imposable…. love how the theme looks for your blog too…..I know may sound silly but I find pretty things always helps me to feel better. I guess these illnesses take so much away from us and seem so ugly at times that I have learned enjoying the beautiful and pretty things around us and surrounding/creating around us is not only OK but needed. Wow …..starting to ramble…. it seems we do have a lot in common. I was a RN for about 23 years….. in my former life that is….lol….divorced, two kids….mine both boys….oldest is 26 today! The younger one is 19 and soon to ship out to Afghanistan…..and a home full of indoor critters and a small urban wildlife habitat….slowly having to cut back some….any way love your posts and from what I’ve read …boy do we need to talk…lol….it is sad though so many of us have such similar stories….and I need to scoot but I tend to forget sometimes when I post with fibro friends/chronic illness friends that my avatar links to my other blog for my critters and environment….my other blog here on wordpress is “Lila Lost in the Fibro Fog…..” stop in anytime…. it has been my pleasure to meet you and hope we will chat again! Lila


  2. Dominique
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 19:16:46

    I have been thinking about the “safety net” thing in a different way. It does kind make you ‘hyperventilate’ as you say!

    I’m glad you migraine went away and you were able to work.

    I hope tomorrow is an even better day!


  3. fibromama
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 13:28:50

    I wish I could take Immitrex but the one time I did I almost literally had a stroke. They offer me Midrin now but it really does nothing but make me very sleepy. Glad you’re feeling better!


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