Impulse Control…Who Can I Blame..

Nearly six months ago I started taking Cymbalta. It has been an amazing blessing for both depression and nerve pain; I was very happy and had experienced few side effects. I cruised right along.

One Friday after work, I decided to go shopping for a bit before going home. For several months I had worked hard to save money and stream-line my budget. I hadn’t shopped in quite a while and was really enjoying being out. Before I knew it, three hours had passed and I was pushing around a whole new wardrobe in my cart!! In my mind I was reminding myself to transfer the money from my savings account as soon as I got home. Then I snapped back to myself. What the HELL!

I couldn’t believe I was about to spend my emergency savings on clothes I absolutely don’t need and don’t want. It was an odd feeling; I’m calling it pseudo-yearning. I was just “wanting”. So…I picked one thing from my basket–the one I wanted–and put the rest back, purposefully.

I drove home thinking about the different feelings I had while pushing the cart around and decided to do some research on the possible causes. After an hour I landed on the Cymbalta website and read about the incidence of impulse control as a possible side-effect. Bingo!! I spent some time weighing my options, risks and benefits then decided to stay on the medication. It has made such a huge difference in my life; I can identify and control the impulses. I have imposed concrete spending rules for myself and have been able to stick with them so far. Take-away idea: Know thy side effects. Guess I’ll see how it goes from here!


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