Sick is the New Healthy

Over the past couple of months I’ve spent lots of time listening to folks around me.  I’ve consistently heard similar stories-some longer, some shorter, some more successful than others–but very similar.  I’ve noticed this in patients, co-workers, friends & family; Honestly, I was astounded I hadn’t picked up on the theme before now!

The majority of the folks I listened to were managing a chronic health concern.  Many them were managing poorly, but it was there nonetheless.  Hypertension, diabetes, COPD, CHF, autoimmune disorders, mental health concerns and a host of others.  In most cases, they didn’t even realize it!  Nor did they implement interventions to improve their health status…AND about 1/3 of those criticized others for not changing lifestyle choices to benefit their health.  The smoker criticized the obese patient, the alcoholic dissed the drug abuser,  the salt-a-holic harangued the caffeine drinker.

Do they criticize choices of others to justify why theirs is “not so bad”?  I think I’ve heard them all: “I only smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day”, “I don’t drink that much”, “It’s better than using drugs”, blah, blah, blah…  My friend smokes like a freight train but blames humidity and pollen for her sinus problems & wheezing.  Denial?? Yep.  Is it hard to give up any of this stuff.  Hell yes!!

Here I am, with my pot-calling-the-kettle-black approach, drinking my third pot of coffee as I type this.  I’m trying not to think about what it’s doing to my blood pressure.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a handle on it……..


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