School Days, School Days……

I’m going back to school!  Woo Hoo! I’ve been doing it for years; start and stop and start and stop.  I’m going to finish this time or give up.  I’ve been working on my BSN for seven years with a class here & there so I have several credits accumulated.  I would usually end up putting my education on hold because of a new health crisis or kid-related crisis but I’m thinking I can finish it at this point.  I KNOW I can finish…..KNOW it, KNOW it, KNOW it!!

I will be completing my degree online and I am SO excited.  I’ll be going to  .  My original plan had been to attend Western Ky University to complete my BSN then complete the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner MSN.  Had another health crisis which complicated the process AGAIN so I thought the best choice is the path of least resistance.  Here I go!

My friend with MS is attending the same program with me & we’re going to motivate each other.  We are both feeling the health-related clock ticking & know our years as bedside nurses in winding down.  The only proactive choice is to prepare for employment away from the bedside.  We talked about it (for a couple of YEARS) before jumping in and now I’m looking forward to it!!  Updates later–WGU sounds like fun!


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