Things I Love About Owning Land in the Country

The other day I stopped by a friends’ place for a bit.  She lives in town; has lots of neighbors & a main street out front.  Her little duplex is beautiful & well-decorated.  The yard is a perfectly manicured little postage stamp & she’s as happy as a clam.  She loves being close to work & shopping, so I’m really happy for her……However…..As I drove home the houses became farther and farther apart & I could feel myself start to relax.  As I turned back the little dead-end street I live on, I got excited!  I was almost home! When I turned into my lumpy, bumpy, holey, 0.5 mile long drive way I knew I was HOME.  Lots of trees & rocks & wild plants & wild creatures-LOVE it!!  One of the things I especially adore is going outside and not hear ANY sounds of civilization.  No cars, planes, voices, sirens, phones-only nature.  Deer drink out of the dog’s water bowl & turkeys scratch in the side yard.  I’m not caught up in changing, “improving” or controlling any of if.  I love watching it all unfold around me.

I can learn about my ecosystem and observe how it is REALLY supposed to work!


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Erica’s Running Journey
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