But I Didn’t MEAN to Think it Like That!

Have you ever considered how the way we think changes the outcome of what we’re doing??  I read a quote the other day & I apologize for not recalling the source.  It was:  Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right. Also…Either you will or you won’t.  There is no “I’ll try”. When I read them, I knew they were true but at the same time it was a little disheartening.  All of the gray areas I hide behind are GONE.  Either it IS or it IS NOT and we have control of the runaway train…. Dang it….It’s so much easier to be a down-trodden victim!!

I’m not going to climb on a soap box about this one, but I’ve had to stop and look at myself really hard as well.  When I catch myself taking longer to make excuses than it would to start the “whatever it is”, I have to question where my head is.  I’ve found having a glass-half-full attitude makes my day feel a whole lot better and I tend to be more successful.  I’m also more fun to be around.  Nobody wants to hang out with Bad Luck Schleprock.   I’ve found that no matter how sick, broke, tired, frustrated, disappointed, perplexed I am-there is always someone worse and I have more reasons to be grateful than not.   A book that really helped me see this is Mind Power for the  21st Century by John Kehoe.  I read it at least 15 yrs ago and I still pull it out to review it.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have a big hand in how my life turns out.   With that being said……Here is my rant about choices and accountability.

I take care of many sick people in my job as a RN.  I am also well aware that most of our deadly illnesses are caused by our choices, not our genes–myself included.   Last night I cared for a 46 year old man with end stage liver disease.  Too sick to work, he had no income or  insurance, his disability claim was newly filed and he was having to live with friends.  As I took his health history he disclosed that he did not take most of his medication because he can’t afford them.  That’s always tough to hear & it’s all too common.  However, the history continued & he stated he smokes 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day ($15) and drinks an 8 pack of beer every day ($7) even though that’s the reason he’s so sick now.   That is a total of $22 daily on vices.  That is $660 monthly; bet the money would go a long way toward medications……Ah…..The freedom to be stupid & force society to pay the tab for it…..


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