Books, Books, Books….

Since my diagnosis I’ve had PLENTY of time to read & some of the books have had a big impact on decisions I’ve made.  This is the short list of titles I’ve found helpful.  I will update it periodically.  Bet you can’t find the common theme!

Living Well with Autoimmune Disease–Mary J. Shomon

Keep Working, Girlfriend!--Rosalind Joffe & Joan Friedlander.  I sent a copy to my friend Cindi, who is newly diagnosed with MS.  This shout-out is for her–Love ya Chick!!

FibroWHYalgia–Susan E. Ingebretson **Helpful, no matter WHAT your diagnosis**.    Real & upfront-it’s an easy read.  Keep an eye for for a companion workbook.  I’ve heard rumors one is in the works!

The Autoimmune Connection–Rita Baron-Fause & Jill P. Buyon, MD.

ANY financial book by Dave Ramsey.  He starts from scratch & doesn’t assume the reader has any excess resources; trust me-I started from the bottom.  I became critically ill before I was diagnosed and (barely) survived two years of repeated admissions & medication co-pays of $1000 monthly.   I nearly lost my home, my relationship with my kids was traumatized and I had to file bankruptcy.  Why?  Because I lived the “it can’t happen to me” lifestyle.  Minimal savings, no financial plan, active credit cards–the American way!

Also, purchase yourself a pretty journal & a nice ink pen.  Carry it in your bag & WRITE IN IT.  Write anything–daily.  Trust me, it helps.  I keep my to-do list, symptoms, thoughts, plans, ideas–everything in one tidy little spot.  I also made a life collage in it.  It covers two open pages & I originally did it to cover pages I’d messed up.  It has been inspiration though, so now I have a few of them scattered through it.



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