Why can’t people think for themselves?

I was sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday and a VERY talkative lady was educating the rest of the waiting room with her vast medication knowledge…. Sure enough, this is the classic medication misrepresentation that I hear–“Any you KNOW Coumadin has rat poison in it, didn’t ya?”  She was very smug in her knowledge & her audience was aghast about the news.  Pretty soon, half of the waiting room is mumbling, “What stupid doctor would use that shit!  I don’t care what they say, I’m not gonna take that.  Is that doctor trying to kill me?”  All I could do is sigh & shake my head.  When they fall over dead from a blood clot, they’ll wish they took that pill when they were told to.   Coumadin & rat poison have a common ingredient-warfarin sodium.   That’s a different thing altogether.

Then, as if her current idiocy wasn’t sufficient, she starts telling them “You know, he scopes everybody ‘cuz he just wants the money.  He’s taking our insurance company to the cleaners and that’s why we have to pay so much.” That was absurd & I couldn’t control myself.  I opened with “Ma’am, that’s not a true statement” and went on to explain best practice recommendations & let her know that I know this doctor as both a fellow professional and a patient & I feel she’s being irresponsible in spreading incorrect information.  I felt better and she shut the hell  up.  YAY!!

I’m a really good-natured person but I REALLY dislike stupid people who choose to stay that way!


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