Unexpected Things That Happen in a Day

I live in the middle of nowhere on five-ish wild, natural acres with myself and my brood of critters (read–crazy cat lady+dogs).    My herd of mutts had finished their morning pee-break and were all accounted for  but one.  I opened the door to call him and he was lounging on the porch, with a mauled wild rabbit between his front paws….The rabbit was badly injured,  barely breathing and not long for this world.  I got a towel and picked him up. Franklyn dog looked at me so quizzically;  I bet he couldn’t understand why I didn’t brag on his prize.  I tried to make him as comfortable as I could, realizing how inept I felt at bunny care.  I’m a nurse, so people care is more comfortable for me, but bunny care–not so much.

The bunny breathed his last & I made sure he was properly taken care of.  Walking back to the house I spent my time thinking about death, which is ultimately a topic about life…… As a society we’re so mired in right and wrong and fault and blame…..Then we sue someone because someone HAS to PAY……The sense of human entitlement has always puzzled me.  One of the biggest, most freeing revelations I’ve had in my life is this:  SOME THINGS JUST ARE.  Nothing to rant & rave against, no need to assign blame.  Acknowledge, accept, respect, move on.   Dogs are genetically wired to hunt. Rabbits are low on the food chain. God, in his wisdom, programmed this process & I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.  Come on Franklyn; let’s go in buddy.


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  1. gracefulagony
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 04:30:35

    What a fantastic start to your blog hon!! I cannot wait to read more!!!
    I’m SO proud of you!!!! Keep going!!!
    And I am here if you need me!!
    All my love and support always,


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