Spinning My Wheels….

I’m sitting here on the sofa, just like I have been for the past eternity (it seems)…Griping & moaning in my head and I haven’t made more than a micro-attempt at helping myself…WTF~!  I feel bad physically most days and no matter how hard I try to communicate with  my doctors, I’m not making progress.  They take me seriously, they just don’t have answers.  Dammit.  Both of my young adult children are making extremely poor choices & I feel trapped in a sea of tough love.  I won’t enable their stupidity but I also want to be blissfully ignorant of it.  I’m dying here.  Part of my problem (I think) is I feel like an abysmal failure as a parent and a woman.  My rational, reasonable mind knows better but my “inner voice” that talks to me when I’m alone is saying all kinds of ugly stuff.   The part that REALLY sucks is I agree with what the voice is saying.   WTF AGAIN.  I’ll get this under control.  I have a ton of support in my corner.  I really wished I felt better about this whole mess…. Gee-freakin’ -whiz……


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Erica’s Running Journey
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